How to password protect page in shopify?

There will be occasions when you need to enable password protection on your own, or a client’s, Shopify store. This may be because the site is still being built and tested, or you need to make a quick change to the theme. Perhaps you’d like to tweak some product collections, or it might be a permanent fixture of your gated wholesale business.

By default, Shopify allows you to add a custom message (which can include HTML) to the default password protected page and will display this message along with a default login form that will allow access to the store. The default template also provides links for store owners to access the Shopify admin. 

  1. In order to protect the store frontend with the password, navigate to Shopify admin panel and open the Settings > Online Store tab.

  2. Check the Storefront password option. You will see the Password field, you can leave password as it is or replaces it with yours:

    Shopify Admin

  3. In the Message for your visitor's field, you can add a custom message that will be displayed to site visitors while the site is under construction.

  4. Save the changes and check the site home page. It will be password protected. To preview the site, enter the password from the Storefront password field of admin panel:

    Password Page

  5. Disable password protection by unchecking the Storefront password option in Shopify admin panel.

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