How to Log Errors in OpenCart?

 The error log is the place to go when you want to know whether your store is working as expected or there are some cases when an error happens and your customers may not be getting the desired experience. The error messages there can help your site developers track down a bug or fix an issue you never actually experienced.

Activate the Error Reporting

  1. Navigate to System -> Settings – ‘Edit’ in your admin.
  2. Select 'Server' tab.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the 'Error reporting' options. 
    1. Display Error option : Errors will be directly visible on your website
    2. Log Errors option: Displays all errors logged and make sure you have a valid error log name.
    3. To view error logs navigate to System > Error Logs.
    4. Select the CLEAR button in order clear the log, or leave it to leave the current log in place.

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