How to Hide Admin Pages using OpenCart User Group Permissions?

Do you want to limit some of your users from seeing certain pages in the admin panel? This is a good precaution if you have multiple levels of admin panel access. To hide specific pages from users, you need to access your User Groups and modify the permissions there.

Hide Admin Pages

  1. Log into your OpenCart Dashboard.
  2. Go to System > Users > User Groups.
  3. From this section, you can create a new user group and begin setting up the permissions you decide are best for your store. We created one user group for example and named it user1.
  4. When your new user group is ready, click on Edit to being setting up the permissions.
  5. You will notice you have two types of permissions - Access Permission and Modify Permission.
    Access Permission is used to determine which admin pages will be available for access for the user group. If you select all of the admin pages, the user group will see all of them.
    Modify Permission is the function that enables the user group to modify settings and configurations on the admin pages they have access to.
  6. To hide certain pages from users, you will need to use the Access Permission field.
  7. Example, we selected all of the admin pages except one - catalog/category. That way, the user group will be able to access every menu except Catalog > Categories.

    If a member attempts to access the Categories, this message will appear:

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