How to Enable SEF Urls in Magento?

Search engine friendly (SEF) URLs improve the indexing and ranking of your site, make it easier for people to come across your site when searching through search engines for particular keywords, and generally are easier to remember and improve the navigation on your site.

Enabling the SEF URLs for your Magento store is relatively easy and can greatly improve your search engine ranking as well as make your Magento website more pleasant and intuitive.

To activate the Magento SEF URLs in your Magento store with following steps.

Step 1 : Login to Magento Admin panel.

Step 2 : Go to System -> Configuration menu.



Step 3 : From the left side menu, Click on GENERAL -> Web and expand Search Engine Optimization section.

sef settings

Step 4 : Here simply  select the Use Web Server Rewrites as YES from the drop down menu and Save.

Step 5 : That's it,you can now see frontend urls as search engine friendly urls.

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