How to Create Downloadable Product in Magento?

Magento store comes with six different product types and Downloadable product is a one of these product types.

A downloadable product can be anything that you can deliver as a file, such as an eBook, music, video, software application, or an update.You can offer an album for sale, and sell each song individually. You can also use a downloadable product to deliver an electronic version of your product catalog.

The files for download can be either uploaded to your server, or linked to on a different server on the Internet.

Here we will see how to create downloadable product in Magento store with following steps.

Step 1 : Login to your Magento Admin panel.

Step 2 : Go to Catalog -> Manage Products and click Add Product button.

Add Downloadable Product

Step 3 : Choose the Attribute Set and Product Type

Here Attribute Set as a Default and set Product Type as Downloadable Product.

Click Continue button.

Set Attribute

Step 4 : Complete the Basic Product Information

Configure settings for product information with tabs General, Categories, Meta Information, Images etc.

In the Product Information panel, select Prices. Enter the Price that you will charge for the product.

The price entered here becomes the base price of the download and is listed in the catalog before the customers selects items for download. Any additional price that is associated with an individual download is added to the base price.

Set Tax Class to the appropriate tax classification for the product.


In Inventory tab, If you do not need to keep track of inventory for the product, set the Manage Stock option to No.

After completeing these steps, click the Save and Continue Edit button.

Step 5 : Complete the Downlaod Information

In the Downloadable Information tab, there are two tabs as Samples and Links

Samples :

Use one of the following methods to deliver a sample of the downloadable product.

  • Select the File option. Then, click the Browse button, and select the sample file to upload to the server.
  • Select the URL option. Then, paste the full URL of the sample file.

Links :

In this section enter a Title for the list of downloadable products.

Set Links can be purchased separately to one of the following:

  • If you want to offer multiple download links, such as to sell individual songs on an album, select Yes.
  • To offer a single download of this item, select No.

Click the Add New Row button, then fill up information and upload files.

Downloadable information

Step 6 : Save

Step 7 : Done.

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