How to Create Collection in Shopify?

Step 1: From your Shopify admin, click Products, then click Collections (or press G P C):

click Collections

Step 2: Click Add a collection:

Add a collection

Step 3: The Add a collection page opens. In the Collection details section, complete the following information:

  • Title Give your collection a title, for example, Dresses. Title is the only mandatory field.
  • Description Type a description for your collection. This will be visible when your collection is displayed on your website.

 Collection details

Step 4: Click Choose image to upload one of your own images for your collection:

Choose image

Step 5: In the Select products section, click Manually select products:

Manually select products

Step 6: Click Save collection.

Step 7: The Products section updates. Click Add products:

Click Add products

Step 8: In the Add products drop-down list, click on each product that you want to add to your collection:

click on each product

Step 9: As the products are added, they're sorted alphabetically by default. To change the order in which the collection's contents are displayed on your storefront, click the drop-down list next to Sort:

Sort order dropdown new

Step 10: Click on an option to choose a sort order. If you choose to sort Manually, you can click on any of the products shown to drag it to a new position in the list.

Step 11: In the Search engine listing preview section, you'll see a preview of how your collection might appear within a search engine. This generates automatically based on the entries you made in the Collection details section.

Search engine 

If you want to edit this information, click Edit website SEO:

Search engine

Step 12: In the Visibility section, click the checkboxes to set your visibility preferences. The visibility options you see depend on your active sales channels:

Visibility section

You can also set a specific publish date (known as future publishing) for online collections, if you don't want your collection to appear on your website immediately. Read about future publishing here.

Step 13: If you've created alternate templates for collections in the past, you'll see a Template section where you can choose a template. If you have no alternate templates for collections, the default collection template is used and you won't see this section.

Step 14: To add your new collection, click Save.

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