How to Change Admin Folder Name in OpenCart?

Since OpenCart is open source it can be a target for hackers since they already know the basic file structure and how the core code works. One of the easiest methods of securing your OpenCart dashboard is to rename the /admin/ folder.

Change Admin Folder Name

  1. Open your Opencart Default directory via File Manager or FTP access.
  2. Navigate to the server directory that contains ‘admin’ folder (this is your root directory, usually called ‘public_html’ or ‘www’).
  3. Change the name of the ‘admin’ folder to any desired one. We will rename it to ‘adminnew’.
  4. Open the admin/config.php file with any php/text editor software (remember, you changed the name of the folder. Replace ‘admin’ with the new folder name).
  5. There are several instances of ‘admin’ throughout the config file. All instances must be changed for this to work. Below there are instances of admin (marked in double quotes) you will need to change.
     / HTTP
     define('HTTP_SERVER', '"admin"/');
     define('HTTP_CATALOG', '');
     // HTTPS
     define('HTTPS_SERVER', '"admin"/');
     define('HTTPS_CATALOG', '>');
     // DIR
     define('DIR_APPLICATION', '/public_html/opencart/"admin"/');
     define('DIR_SYSTEM', '/public_html/opencart/system/');
     define('DIR_DATABASE', '/public_html/opencart/system/database/');
     define('DIR_LANGUAGE', '/public_html/opencart/"admin"/language/');
     define('DIR_TEMPLATE', '/public_html/opencart/"admin"/view/template/');
     define('DIR_CONFIG', '/public_html/opencart/system/config/');
     define('DIR_IMAGE', '/public_html/opencart/image/');
     define('DIR_CACHE', '/public_html/opencart/system/cache/');
     define('DIR_DOWNLOAD', '/public_html/opencart/download/');
     define('DIR_LOGS', '/public_html/opencart/system/logs/');
     define('DIR_CATALOG', '/public_html/opencart/catalog/');​

    There should be 5 instances of /admin/ folder that would need to be updated to the new name you changed the folder to

Once you are done, you will be able to access OpenCart dashboard using new admin panel path.If you face any problems or need our professional services, please email us at [email protected]

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