How to Apply Patch in Magento?

The Magento security patches look like they are .sh files, how would someone apply these patches without SSH access to their Magento installations.To further secure the Magento platform from potential attacks, we are releasing new patches with multiple critical security fixes.It's used to improve the overall performance of the store and ensures security to the website & major bug or incorporating new functionalities in your old version of software.

For a list of all available patches by version, see the Magento Community Edition Patches section of the download page.Whenever Magento releases a patch, then they sent a notice to the Admin inbox.

Transfer the patch .sh file to your Magento installation root directory.For example, /var/www/html/magento.

Just go at the Magento Root and run {sh}

chmod +x <patch-file-name>.sh

Once that is done, refresh the cache in the Admin under "System > Cache Management" so that the changes will be reflected. We highly recommend you test all patches in a test environment before taking them live.A message such as the following displays to confirm the patch installed successfully:

Patch was applied/reverted successfully.

When patches are applied a file named applied.patches.list is added in the app/etc/ directory.

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