How to Add Multiple Language in Magento?

Making your eCommerce Magento store available in various languages will surely make it much more convincing as your customers may have various languages preferences.

Magento has features of multi-store with multi languages.

Most of the text that appears to be hard-coded on pages throughout your store can be instantly changed to a different language by changing the locale of the view.

Here we will guide you how to add multiple languages in Magento store.

Download Magento Language Packages and Install

Step 1 : Login to your Magento account.

Step 2 : First of all search and download expected language package. There is a wide selection of language packs available on Magento Connect.

Magento Connect for Languages


Step 3 : Select language package that you want to downlaod.

  1. Click on Install Now button
  2. Click on Get Extension Key.
  3. Click the Select button and copy the licence key.


Generate Extension Key

Step 4 : Login to your Magento Admin.

Step 5 : Go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager.

Magento Connect Manager

Step 6 : Login with admin credentials.

Login with admin

Step 7 : In the Install New Extensions section paste your extension key and click the Install button and then Proceed.

Install Language

Step 8 : After successfully language installed, click on Return to Admin from top right link.

Create a Store View for the Language

Step 1 : At Admin panel, go to System -> Manage Store.

Manage Store

Step 2 : Create Store and Store View

Create store button

Step 3 : Fill up all required fields and Click on Save Store View button.

Save Store View

Change the Locale of the Store View

Step 1 : At Admin, go to System -> Configuration.

Step 2 : In upper - left corner select Current Configuration Scope as New Store which have created recently in above steps.

Step 3 : In General tab, expand Locale Options section.

locale options

Step 4 : Clear Use Website checkbox and set Locale with your installed language.

Step 5 : Click the Save Config button.

Step 6 : Done.

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