How to add Bundled Products in Magento?

Bundle product is a product that has more options which allow customers to choose a product that will be included in the bundle. For example, you can let customers can build their computers by choosing some part of the computer such as CPU, RAM… In this tutorial, we will show you how to add bundle products in the easiest way.

Step 1: Login to your Magento Admin Panel, go to Catalog -> Manage Products

Manage Product

Step 2: Choose Add Product on Manage Products page.

Add product

Step 3: You should select Bundle Product option in Product Type drop-down menu. And then click Continue.

Bundle Product

Step 4: On New Product Page, most of information can be entered as simple product. However, there are some differences.

  • In General tab, SKU and Weight can be selected as Dynamic or Fixed. If you select Dynamic and leave this field empty, it means that this function will be managed by the items included in the bundle.
  • In Prices tab, the Price also can be selected as Dynamic or Fixed as SKU or Weight. Besides, the Price View can be configured to Price Range or As Low As. If you choose Price Range, only the highest and lowest price will be display and it depends on the selected items. If you choose As Low As, only the lowest price will be display on the frontend.
  • In Inventory tab, you should set the Stock Availability option to In Stock. If you do not do that, the bundle product will not be visible on the frontend.
  • In Bundle Items tab, you can see the Shipment section and Bundle Items section. With Shipment section, you can select products in bundle should be shipped together or separately. To add new Bundle items, you should click Add New Options. You can add the Title for this bundle, Input type (drop-down, Radio buttons, Checkbox or Multiple Select). From the Is Required menu, you can select whether the customer will be required to select an item/product from the option that you're configuring. Besides, you also set the position for this item. And then click Add Selection. You can see a form, click on the Reset Filter button, select products/items you want to add and finally click on Add Selected Product(s) to Option button.

Select Bundle Product

Step 5: Click Save after done with all settings.


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