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Is Your Magento Store Being Penalized For Duplicate Content?

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There is no denying that Magento is now one of the leading e-commerce platform. Unfortunately, generalized settings pose a serious duplicate content issue which needs to be resolved otherwise it may invite penalties from search engines like Google.

Magento Store Being Penalized for Duplicate Content

We have noticed that a fair percentage of Magento store owners focus more on layout (design), installing extensions, getting server related issue resolved and worry about inventory, products, orders etc. leaving no time to think about on-page SEO issues. Unfortunately, duplicate content may hurt your more than not having extremely decent design. You may be surprised to know that many Magento stores despite not having very decent designs are doing much better business.

Magento Duplicate Content Issues

We have relized 4 common places where you might be having duplicate content due to Magento’s architectural design.

1. Search Results/Pages

Don’t be surprised when you realize that Google is indexing your search results as well. This is one of the primary cause of duplicate content in Magento shops. To fix this issue all you have to do is make a entry in robots.txt to disallow: /catalogsearch/. Then go to Google Webmaster tool and file removal request for all indexed search results.

2. Dynamic Filters

Magento duplicate content can be found easily on Dynamic filter pages. Consider this, if you have thousands of products and more than 10 filters you might end up having thousands of duplicate yet identical pages, crawled and indexed by search engines like Google.

/womens-top?manufacturer=1923&price_band=299. Ideally, these pages should never be indexed. You can use your robots.txt file to disallow indexing of these pages. The strategy is simple:

  • Figure out the query string to bar.
  • Use noindex, follow in robots.txt
  • Use Google’s Webmaster Tool and send removal request for duplicate indexed pages.

At first, Google may not be very quick in removing requested URLs but after several removals you will see a much better response from Google.

3. Pagination

Ensure that your theme is properly using rel=next or rel=prev tags to tell search engines like Google that the paginated pages it’s seeing are in fact pagination.

4. Product Review Pages

Not all stores are using a separate page for displaying customer’s reviews. If that’s the case with your Magento store simply disallow: /review/ directory in your robots.txt. Finally, file removal request for all indexed review pages.

Use Google webmaster tool to figure out which pages are indexed? Are these pages supposed to be indexed? If NO, then file a removal request and disallow them from robots.txt. Also disallow all non-search friendly pages from index which generally hold no SEO value.

I hope these tips will help you resolve Magento duplicate content issues on your store. Please leave us a comment and let us know your own Magento specific duplicate content issues.