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IR Top 500 Confirmed Magento As Fastest Growing Ecommerce Platform

The Internet Retailer 2014 list has confirmed Magento as the fastest growing eCommerce platform/provider. Annual growth being the primary criteria of putting Magento in their list, finally IR has recognized the real potential of Magento platform. Magento has overtaken Demandware to join the elite group of IBM and oracle as the top 3 internet retailers in USA and Canada. Magento has even doubled the merchants from last year and that’s a pretty promising signal for the ever growing community.

The doubling of our presence on the IR Top 500 is a great advance and clearly demonstrates the ability of Magento products to scale to support merchants doing hundreds of millions of dollars in online revenue. – Roy Rubin, Co-Founder and COO of Magento.

Magento now powers more than 26% all eCommerce stores in Alexa’s top million sites. That’s more than any other eCommerce platform in the world. Not only that, Magento in it’s 4th year, is still the most preferred eCommerce platform with a steep rise of 34% in online retail stores from last year. Wondering why this kind of favor to a shopping platform when there are 100s of eCommerce platform available?

Businesswire explains that “Merchants who do their homework select Magento because they know they’ll get rapid deployment and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry,” said Mark Lavelle, head of global product and strategy, eBay Enterprise. “Magento’s great out-of-the box experience provides ultimate brand control and flexibility, and a scalable, robust feature-set designed for enterprise merchants. We make the decision easy, and our performance in the Internet Retailer 500 Guide proves it.”

Not to mention that if you are still wondering which eCommerce platform to choose for your online store, Magento is the #1 player in the market.

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