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How to Install vQmod in OpenCart?

vQmod (Virtual Quick Mod) is a popular extension / module that allows you to make changes without actually modifying the core files.

This will help developers to alter core files without actually editing them. All changes are saved in a temporary file which is substituted for the original during the execution. The original source file is never altered. This results in a “virtual” change to the core code during execution without any actual modification made to the core files.

Steps to install vQmod in OpenCart

  1. Download and extract the OpenCart-specific vQmod library.
  2. Upload the vQmod directory to the root of your OpenCart installation.
  3. Please make sure the vQcache directory that is under the vQmod directory is writable by the web server.
  4. Visit here is the OpenCart install and you should be prompted with a success message.

Once vQmod is installed in OpenCart, follow the example shown below to use vQmod with OpenCart.

Create a new text file & call it “replce_demo.xml”


$var = "MagikCommerce Blog Post.";

Minimum required XML structure for vQmod will be as follows –

       Replace MagikCommerce Blog Post. with MagikCommerce Tips.

We need to take care of following tags to make sure that vQmod works as expected.

 -  Just for description purpose

 - Modification version just to maintain history

 - Author name

 - Do not change this. It is  vQmod version

 - Here we need to define file path which needs to be patched or altered 

 - There might be a possibility that we need to make multiple modifications to the same file. So that's where the  tag comes in picture. Each modification will be wrapped by the  tag. 

 - in this particular example  tag is used for operation.


$var = "MagikCommerce Tips.";

At this point, you should know how to alter the core of OpenCart using vQmod XML files.