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Influencing Your eCommerce Business with Magento Social Connect Extension


Magento is an ecommerce platform packed with wide range of features. It allows complete flexibility and strong functionality control over your online store. Magento Platform, through the combination of MySQL and PHP allows users to customize their ecommerce experience provided by website.

Now, How to reduce sign-up abandonment? Every online business owner is looking for an answer to this question. The fact that lot of information is required to create an account on website may discourage your customers. However most of them have accounts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Google+. By allowing them to use these networks will have a positive impact and reduce your website bounce backs. Customers just have to click on the account button which they prefer and enter their username and password. They instantly get access to your site.

Outstanding features of Magento Social Connect Extensions

  • Customers can sign up by using 15 types of social accounts. No additional information is required.
  • If customers have already signed into any social accounts, then there is no need to type user id and password again.
  • Brand Promotion on global platforms.
  • Easy installations and free upgrades.
  • Custom wall post and action link templates.
  • Can provide customer a new password once they have login with their social networks.
  • Easily change the position of login bars.
  • Recent activity widgets.

Various Social Network Extensions that can help your business grow are as follows:

Social Login

With Social Login extension customers can login to your website with the help of popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Google+. They just need to enter any of the mentioned social networks username and password. That’s it. They don’t have to go have to provide long list of information. This extension really helps in reducing the bounce backs of your online store and hence, is a very highly rated application in Magento Connect.


An AddThis extension is actually very famous in WordPress but Magento also provides this. It is a popular sharing method in social media. Main benefit of installing this extension is that customers can easily choose the network on which they want to share the products which they have liked.

Social Share

Social Share is an alternative for AddThis. With Social Share extension you can configure social sharing buttons for popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It has lower configuration capacity as compared to AddThis but its simplicity and main focus on main social sites covers most people’s needs.

Facebook and Twitter Widgets

Facebook and Twitter Widgets are very interesting way to give a social feel to your online stores. It shows Facebook and Twitter comments about your products on your site. This extension integrates your social comments with your store along with Facebook like buttons, Google+ and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter Promo

Facebook and Twitter Promo extensions not only aim at increasing the number of followers on various social networks but also aim at increasing the number of buyers. It configures the number of promotion codes are offered to visitors of your store on social network of your choice.

Social Rebate

Social Rebate extensions promote content sharing on various social networks through discounts and promotions. It allows business owners to be more creative in their social media marketing and is good complementary option for Facebook and Twitter Promo extension.