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Importance of Security Certification in e-Transactions

In Ecommerce, the business happens overall through web and without actually seeing the products at all. To make the buying-selling process easier for all goods and services it is important to build proper trust on the client side to give him an ease for making online payment simply without any nervousness of theft or threat. Security Certification is important to build trust with customers and to give them assurance that making online payment on the site is safe and secure. To make online transactions proficiently, the webstore must abide by the following attributes:

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Non repudiation
  • Authentication

Why logos/text certification is important for ecommerce store?

Customers must feel confident on the webstore while making any transactions by online payment. Different logos and text certification used on the website makes the customer believe on the webstore and gives him ease for giving his personal details.

How to establish a secure transaction?

To establish a secure and error free transaction, cryptography is used critically. It is coupled with other secure protocols to give a complete security solution. These protocols are authenticated by different logos used to make it look reliable for the visitors.

These logos and texts are called as Trustmark and are important for each webstore to have. It must be noticed that excessive use of Trustmarks and reassurances can be counterproductive.

The other factors that make the customer build trust for having transaction are:

  • An error free process – Slow loading pages, broken links, or simple spelling mistakes will make customers uneasy for giving their card details.
  • Online reputation – The webstore must have a good image and no negative reviews posted on web about it.
  • Contact Information – Providing the customers with contact information like telephone numbers and live chat option makes them feel more comfortable for making any queries at time of errors.
  • Easier navigation – If your site is easy to navigate, then it attracts customers more to make transactions as they don’t have to find for anything thoroughly.