Importance of Breadcrumb Navigation in eCommerce

Why breadcrumb navigation should be used in ecommerce websites?

Breadcrumb Navigation is getting more and more popular and important for webmaster specially in e-Commerce web design. Breadcrumb is a type of navigation that helps to find user’s location on a website. Many times breadcrumbs are overlooked in the designing process because a large number of people see them as something useless. But the truth is that breadcrumb navigation increases the usability of a website. If a website has lot of pages then breadcrumbs will make it easier for the users to find their way around the website. Breadcrumb navigation will enhance the navigation experience of a user by making clear where he/she is in the website. Because of this reason, breadcrumbs are great options for ecommerce websites especially those which have logical categories of products.

An ecommerce website with logical categories and clear hierarchy can take full advantage of breadcrumb navigation by allowing the users to navigate their path effortlessly. Consider them as visual aid that shows your user’s location in your website. Breadcrumbs are really very important for the ecommerce businesses because without them your users cannot easily browse a collection of your products.

How to use breadcrumbs?

  • Remember that breadcrumbs are secondary navigation systems and should never replace the primary navigation systems.
  • Breadcrumbs should not be used if all the pages of an ecommerce website are on the same level.
  • Breadcrumbs should be located in the upper half page of your website. They can be placed anywhere in the upper half of the page, above the headline of the current page or just below the main navigation bar.

Navigation in ecommerce websites is often very frustrating and users give up their efforts to find the products they really want to buy. Because of this reason, breadcrumbs should be included in an ecommerce website so that users can find what they are looking for. Ecommerce businesses can raise their revenue by converting visits into sales with the use of breadcrumbs.

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