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How To Install Google Site Search In Magento – Google Search For Magento Stores

Magento powered stores or any other Ecommerce stores rely on the fact that no matter how many products they can display on their home page people will surely search for their desired products in order to purchase online. Default search box which comes with the Magento installation is quite powerful in searching and showing product catalogue but still many store owners prefers to use Google Site Search in their Magento powered stores.

Google Site Search Advantages For Magento Stores

Google Site Search saves you from the overhead of heavy searches on your site making your site go slow. If Google site search is used you won’t be computing any results on your store rather showing what is already indexed in Google.

Google Site Search Disadvantages For Magento Stores

Google indexes the entire page and not just the main content area which is the core of the problem while using Google Site Search. However, you can exclude certain phrases that distort the results (through the minus – switch). You can use Google appliance which supports excluding parts of page content from indexing with the googleon/googleoff tags. Find out more in the docs here

How To Generate Google Site Search Code

There are two variants of Google Site Search

  1. Paid (starts from $100/year)
  2. Free

In this example we will concentrate on Creating Free Google Site search code which can be found at

In order to generate Google Site Search code you need to follow few steps:

1. Signup or login to to generate Google Site search code for your magento powered store.


2. Setup search engine by filling up the form. See the screenshot given below


3. Try searching something to verify that it is searching properly.

4. Now, click finish and go to your Search engine control panel.
5. Click on “Look & Feel” and optimize your search engine to match with your store layout.
6. Once all the customization etc. are done click on “Get Code” you will see a small code which you should copy (we will paste this code in our Magento powered store). e.g. code


How To Embed Google Site Search Code In Magento Powered Store

Magento static blocks are perfect for placing Google Site Search code. Log into your Magento admin panel and do the followings:

1. Create a Static block – Go to CMS -> Static Block and click “Add New Block”
2. Fill the form but make sure to provide the identifier with “google-site-search” as value.
3. Optional – If you have multiple stores then you need to select under which store you would like to add Google Site Search.
4. Once done, create a CMS page by going to CMS -> Manage Pages and clicking “Add New Page”
5. Create this new page by giving SEF URL identifier as “search-site”
6. Place this code {{block type=”cms/block” block_id=”google-site-search”}} in the content area.
7. You are done, just check this new page by typing http://www.yourstorename/site-search in the url and see if the Google search is showing correctly.
8. Optional- You can make necessary layout related adjustments from Google site search control panel.
9. FYI: Google Paid search can also be embedded in this same manner.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences of adding Google Site Search to a Magento powered stores. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest Magento updates in your mailbox.