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How To Increase Your Order Value with Extra Fee Magento Extension

Multi Purpose Homepage with Multiple Layouts & Mega Menu

Did you know that one of the best kept secret for increasing your average order value is offering buyers additional options or premium services?

With the right set of options, you can easily tempt your buyers to avail of the premium services and add-ons and increase your revenue per order. Its what Apple does when it offers you Apple Care (insurance), and instantly increases the order value. To get the right set of mandatory and optional extra fees, you need a flexible product that allows you to be creative in the way you offer rush delivery options or different qualities of gift wraps.

Magik Extra Fee is just that! With Magik Extra Fee, you can create a wide range of additional charges and fees to offer premium services / options like rush delivery, shipping insurance, gift wraps and more as well as to create fees for mandatory services that HAZMAT and others.

Leading online retailers from Amazon to GoDaddy have perfected the sciences of maximizing their average order value. And now you can too with Magik Extra Fee for your Magento store.

This holiday season is a perfect chance for you to maximize your order value with extra fees, and you can get it setup within hours.

We would love to hear your own experiences and ideas on how to increase order value for your Magento store. Please leave us a comment and let us know.