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How To Create Gift Wrap Options In Your Magento Store

Why Your Magento Store Need Gift Wrap Feature?

Customers always opt to get the product Gift Wrapped especially if they are buying it for someone else. It could be a gift for their father, mother, sister, friend or any other relative. What if your store offers a feature to ship the product gift wrapped to the customer’s selected shipping address? Your customer will surely love this as this feature is saving them from the gift wrapping, gift packing overhead in turn they are willing to pay extra towards gift wrapping fee.

Unfortunately, default Magento installation doesn’t come with options to associate some sort of extra fee with products. This is where Magento Extra Fee extension comes handy. Magik Extra Fee extension helps to create unlimited gift wrapping options for your products (mandatory or optional). Moreover, you can define extra fee as a fixed amount or as a percentage allowing you the flexibility to choose the option that is most appropriate for your needs.

Although, Magik Extra Fee is capable of handling any kind of additional or extra fee but here i am going to explain how Extra Fee Magento extension helps creating, charging for Gift Wrap, Gift Packing.

How to create Gift Wrap, Gift Packing

First, you need to purchase, download and configure the extension. Next step should be to create Gift Wrap fee. Best part of our extension is to help you create unlimited gift wrap fee with ease.

Create Single Gift Wrap Fee

If you are going to charge the customer for single gift wrap fee you should create one Gift Wrap fee and apply it to your desired product or entire category. Based on Gift Wrap fee settings (Option/Mandatory) or (Fixed/Percentage fee) the gift wrap fee is automatically calculated and added to the total. This will also create a check box in cart under each product displaying gift wrap fee name and fee amount.

Create Multiple Gift Wrap Fee

You can also create multiple gift wrap fee (optional/mandatory) and assign all to any products or entire category. If the gift wrap fee is mandatory, the fee will automatically add to the total and if it’s optional customer can choose any or all gift wrap options and the total is calculated and added to the cart total.

For example:

Product X has 3 optional Gift Wrap fee associated with it i.e.

  1. Plain Paper Wrap ($1)
  2. Color Paper Wrap ($2)
  3.  and Cardboard Wrap ($5).

All these fees are shown right under product X in cart. As these fee are optional customer can click on the check boxes generated by the extension to opt for any fee.

The selected fee amount is added to the cart total and customer is charged. Our extension will display the selected fee in invoice email, admin order detail page and customer’s dashboard. Finally, its store owner’s responsibility to ship the product gift wrapped as per customer’s preference.

Here are some screenshots to explain the Gift Wrap flow with Magento Extra Fee extension.

Gift Wrap with Magento Extra Fee Extension Screenshot

I would love to hear your experiences of creating unlimited Gift Wrap fees with Magik Extra Fee extension. Please leave me a comment and let me know. Subscribe our RSS tor stay tuned with latest Magento updates.