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Have You Backed Up Your Magento Store?

Just like any other open source Magento commerce also requires to be backed up from time to time. You don’t want to end up loosing critical information without backup do you? Typically, backups are life savers especially if you loose critical part of your database or even code. I hope that there shouldn’t be a time when you have to use backups to restore data but what if you fall in such situation. Various hosting servers do keep backup but those running on shared servers, backup is not there in most of the cases. Even relying completely on hosting company to keep backups all the times is not wise as hosting companies are also attacked by malicious scripts, hacks and to resolve the issue they might end up loosing your precious data.

There are two types of backups and it entirely depends upon your requirement and store size. You can either opt for full backup or choose incremental backup weekly. In case you have lots of orders taking place daily then you have to rethink your backup strategy. We have created a Magento extension especially for those who do not wish to spend time configuring store backups.

Magik Database Backup is a Magento extension that allows store owners to automatically backup the full Magento store database and save it on a predefined folder, or email or ftp it as desired. Store administrators can configure and define how often the database backup is required, when it should be triggered, and how and where it should be stored which makes Magik Database Backup a perfect choice for every store owner. Most importantly, Magik Database Backup ensures that your latest store database is secure no matter what.


  • The simplest way to backup your Magento store
  • Configure the frequency & time of backup
  • Define email addresses to send the backup to
  • Define a redundant server directory to save the backup at
  • Use an external FTP server to save your backup

I would love to hear your thoughts on backing up your Magento stores. Please leave me a comment and let me know.