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Growth Strategies For Magento Powered Stores In 2012

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As Magento is growing in popularity, many big brands have already migrated on Magento or planning to switch in early 2012. But any E-commerce platform doesn’t ensure growth or success as the core lies in marketing strategies, targeting correct targeting keywords as customers search for specific terms, re-targeting, branding, and most importantly creating an impact on social networks. Selling items socially is gaining momentum as you read.

Magento Growth Strategy 2012

2012 fiscal year will see many more brands switching to Magento as it’s getting more and more stable with community and enterprise versions rolling out. But, merely switching on Magento will not ensure growth. Latest E-commerce trends suggests that marketing is improving as more and more companies looking to succeed online yet they need a recession friendly plan.

Magento stores in this competitive year will have to focus on high degree of real and perceived values to increase sales which in financial terms can be called success.

Marketing Strategies For Magento Stores

With no new marketing strategy in vision, 2012 will see the same old marketing techniques which are social networking and pure SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  You may opt for new social platforms, increase social presence, get G+ page but basically you would be bringing more and more customers, as many as you can. Pure SEO is the key as organic traffic always stands tall. The lifetime of people rigorously talking about your product on social platforms is short, yet it can boost sale for a small period. If you haven’t tried Google local, it’s time to look for international as well as local market. Adding more and more features in your Magento store won’t do any good unless you have real traffic which eventually converts into sales.

Another study suggests that effective SEO and social networks can convert in better sales than conventional methods like Advertisements, PPC etc. which are far more expensive.

Video Tutorial Of The Product

Adding video tutorials on the product pages is a good ideas as this helps confused customers understands what’s this product is all about, what you offer. Moreover, these short videos can be placed on Youtube channels which in return helps in SEO rankings. Focus on effective link building techniques and measure the effects.

Focus on Highly Specific Keywords

Use Google Adwords and search for the generic keyword what you already have in your product pages. You will notice that potential customers are searching very specific keywords which you might be missing in your SEO although your product is talking about same thing. If that’s the scenario, it’s time to rethink you strategy and induce highly specific keywords in your product pages, site for better ranking and bringing potential customers to your pages.

Connecting With Customers On Social Platforms

Focus on Social Networking Platforms to engage and connect with your prospects or customers. Talk to your customers, reply to their questions, queries and build a strong bond with them. As customer’s feedback is important to make business decisions, they can give positive or negative feedback and based on that you should move ahead. Adding a Magento extension is a great idea in case few or many customers demand some specific features which you might be missing in your site.

Selling Strategies For Magento Powered Stores

2012 is not different than 2011 when online buyers are both scared and tight. Even in 2012 most of the online buyers will be interested in spending as little as possible and fear of loss outweighs their desire for gain. This mindset often make them take irrational decisions. Here is how to target customers and tap into this conservative mindset?

  • Promotions: This is the correct time when customers will be more interested in promotions i.e. limited time sales on quality items than any other times.
  • Show them Savings: This is the time when savings is all over customers mind. Any successful Magento store should read the mindset of customers and devise a strategy to focus on what they are looking for i.e. products which costs less to run, last longer, doesn’t require frequent replacements etc. depending upon what you sell.
  • Limited Time Certificate: Limited time certificates are popular in shopping malls why not apply same logic online. People “earn” the certificate after buying something, they get limited time “free money” to spend again on products over specific amount. When they buy, they again “earn” limited time certificate to spend, and the cycle continues.
  • Short time sales: Many experienced customers wait for stores to start sale period and they buy promptly out of fear to miss an opportunity. In turn you loose little margin but that margin loss is covered in quantity.
  • Sell socially: Social media is turning into a biggest place to offer discounts, deals or coupons. People share it and customers are engaged on such deals. Once they buy from you they follow you for more promotional products in future. You can work out some affiliate system to give commission for bringing sales to all those who promote your products on different social platforms.

Magento empowers your E-commerce store but the backbone lies in Marketing and Selling strategies. Choose any strategy as you like but measure them properly.

If you have more tips which we may have missed, please leave us a comment and share your views.