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How to Exploit Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is one of the most popular forms of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. It simply helps bring your company/product on the largest search platform, Google! Allowing you to easily reach out to your prospect clients.

The benefits of using Google AdWords are; you pay only and only for the clicks you receive, you can easily target your audience based on their search results as well as geographical location and you can easily manage your PPC marketing budget.

Here are some ways to efficiently use Google AdWords:

Keyword list:

Using the Google keywords tool you can create a list of keywords that suit best to your store/product. These should be selected on the basis of the high hits potential and low competition in the market.


Next to keywords comes targeting your audience, i.e. limiting the reach of your ad. Google AdWords facilitates specifications as to; who sees your ad, when and where. This helps filter out those visitor who aren’t your potential customers.
For example: if you’re a ecommerce store only confined to national boundaries, you specify your geographical area so as to make sure only people belonging to your country view the ad.

Negative keywords:

In addition to giving specifications as to who sees your ad, you may also specify who may not see your ad. You can specify keywords that you do NOT want your ad to show up on.
For example: if you use keyword ‘laptop repairs’ when someone would search for ‘free laptop repairs’ your ad might show up attracting the wrong kind of traffic costing your immense amount of money.

Monitor your ad:

One cannot just put up an ad and leave it. The advertising trends change frequently and so does the hit rate and competition of keywords. The kind of traffic also needs to be monitored for its authenticity. Your website may change in terms of product range or new offers that you would want to advertise. One needs to constantly monitor and update the ad based on the demands of the situation.

Having invested money in it, it is best to make use of it to its utmost potential and reap most benefits form it.