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How End of Season Sale Benefit eCommerce Businesses?

End of season sale is a method of increasing sales for short period of time. It is a great way to win business from your competitors. Sale promotion is a powerful weapon for companies of all sizes. End of season sale turns your dead stock into cash and draws new customers to your ecommerce store. End of season sale is a short-term strategy designed to:

  • Clear old stocks and make way for new stock.
  • Accelerate sales of products having low demand.
  • Develop customer loyalty.
  • Oppose competitive activity.
  • Motivate your sales staff.

What kind of offers should be included in end of season sale?

End of season sale is a special offer which is available only for a short period of time. Different offers should be included in it to make it more attractive and profitable. There are three types of common offers that most of the online businesses offer to their customers during end of season sale:

  • Money-reduced price, money off on next purchase, interest free credit, coupons, vouchers etc.
  • Goods-two goods for the price of one, free samples, upgrades, prizes etc.
  • Services-free delivery, free training, personalized packaging etc.

Integrate your sale promotions to your online marketing strategies

To make your end of season sale more attractive and rewarding, you need to understand your competitive environment and target market. Your sales promotion efforts should be designed in such a way that they help you achieve your overall marketing objective. Use your sale promotion for following objectives:

  • It should make your advertising efforts more effective.
  • It should reward your existing customers.
  • It should build loyalty in your customers
  • It should help you to understand your customers’ price sensitivity.

Since end of season sale is a great way of providing a short-term boost to sales during slow periods therefore its nature should be attractive to your target customers.