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Why Do eCommerce Stores Need Breadcrumbs?

What are breadcrumbs?

When navigating through a website, you often don’t find what you are looking for in that specific subsection and wish to go back. A browser provides the “back” button to you to jump back to the page before it. But what if it’s not the last page you visited? What if you want to visit the section of the subsection?

Here comes the use of breadcrumbs.

It is a site navigation technique which enables the buyers to go one step up in the hierarchy or for returning to the previous product list. It provides a trail to the buyers to track down the product list they have been going through and return to the starting point.

Why do we need breadcrumbs?

These breadcrumbs are extremely important for any ecommerce store as they provide quite a few benefits to the buyers as well as to your store. Still these breadcrumbs are ignored when designing the website. It is viewed as an unnecessary element.

Benefits of breadcrumbs:

1. It makes the buyers know where they are in the website thus orient themselves quite clearly. A website with a clear hierarchy makes it very easy for the buyers to locate where they are and where they can go.

2. It helps in improving the usability of the website. Better navigation makes the site much more accessible to users of any age while simplifying their search of the desired products.

3. It helps in logical, easier and faster navigation of the website. This is possible as it helps in removing additional clicks on your website thus not distracting the buyers from an extraordinary shopping experience.

4. If your online shop has nested categories and subcategories then it will clearly show all those levels unlike global navigation. Thus, it proves to be a very effective visual aid.Therefore never underestimate the power of breadcrumbs and definitely include them in your website for a good audience response.