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Why Your eCommerce Business Needs Loyalty Programs?

Customer acquisition plays an important role in your ecommerce business. Since getting new customers is quite difficult therefore you should try to keep your existing customers with you. For example, if you have opened an ecommerce store but it is not going great then it is a bit challenging. How can you keep your customers and encourage them to shop more frequently? There are various ecommerce loyalty programs that you can start to develop a strong relationship with your customers. A customer rewards program centered on earning points and using them will make your customers come back for more shopping. This is the most practical and common program to start in your ecommerce store. Try to make your point based loyalty program more attractive by using following tips.

Use simple point conversion scheme

Do not make it difficult to figure out the value of their points for your customers. Try to make it simple such as 10 point is worth $1 or 100 points is worth $1.

All purchases should earn points

Your customers should earn points on all the purchases based on the total amount spent. Make sure to have clear messages on your website informing customers that they will earn points with every shopping.

Make points valuable

Make sure that the reward program offered by you is actually valuable. If you put lot of restrictions on the redemption of points, you will greatly limit the participation. Instead of offering discount on a product, try to give bonus points for that product or at particular levels for total purchase.

Time based point promotions scheme

If you want to drives sales within a specific interval of time, do point promotions for that particular period of time. This will encourage more sales from your interested customers.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to start a vigorous loyalty rewards program on your ecommerce store.