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Dummies Guide to Using Google AdWords for eCommerce

Google adwords are transforming the way e-commerce holds businesses. Google adwords is one of the most important forms of Pay-Per-Click marketing. Google adwords allows the user to advertise on Google which helps to bring the advertisements in front of the most potential audience. In this blog we will go look into the resources that will help novice e-commerce businesses to use Google words.

  1. Webinars:
    Webinars are a great way to help novices use Google Adwords. Watching the past webinars on the usage or signing up for the next webinars can help a business to understand the usage of Google adwords.
  2. Free Keyword Tools:
    Free Keyword Tools can be used to help optimize any e-commerce’s Adwords campaign. The Free Keyword Tools consist of the following:
    a. Free Keyword Tool
    b. Free Keyword Niche Finder
    c. Free Keyword Grouper
    d. Free Navigate Keyword Tool
  3. Wordstream for PPC:
    The Wordstream for PPC is a great way to learn to succeed in the usage of Google Adwords. This contain step helps an e-commerce to create and optimize campaigns.
  4.  Expert Advice:
    Going through the experts way of doing things can give an insight into the proper usage of Google Adwords.
  5. AdwordsEbook Collection:
    The Adwords has a whole collection of e-books that is created for users. These are elaborate books that emphasizes on all the aspects of adwords. These books can help users to gain an insight into the proper usage of adwords.
  6. Free AdwordsPerformace Grader:
    This helps to evaluate the Google AdWords account of an e-commerce based on important metrics like the following:
    a. Quality Score
    b. Click-through-rate
    c. Long-tail keyword optimization.

The usage of this allows the user to improvise on the usage of Google adwords. An e-commerce needs this knowledge to make a mark.