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Why are Detailed Product Images so Important for your eCommerce Store?

When considering product images, ask the question, what do you sell on the Internet?

You may name your product, but what you really sell on the Internet is not your product; it’s the ‘image’ of your product. Thus, the quality of your product image is as important as the quality of your product itself. That’s the reason why it is so important to have detailed product images on your ecommerce store.

Keeping this in mind, let us discuss it further.

Ecommerce stores are built and designed in ways to recreate the in-store shopping experience.

What greatly makes the online shopping experience and in-store shopping experience different is the ability to interact with the product.

On an E-store, the customer cannot touch, pick, feel, try or interact with the product in anyway. What they can do is get a virtual experience of the product through product images. Thus, the product images need to be of high quality, taken from various angles to give the customers an in-hand feel of the product.

Even though every product has an elaborate description to it, its image is what the customer sees first, and it’s the image that holds the customer long enough for him to read. Product images that are blurry, dark, inappropriate, or with too much distraction in the background are unable to attract customers and do not receive any hits.

Apart from having high quality images of your product, it is important to have a ‘zoom-able’ feature on your website, this enables your customers to view minute details, prints, texture, etc. of your product closely enough. It also gives you a cutting-edge over your competitors as well as portray better quality product and positively benefits your brand image.

Having high quality pictures of the product not only increases sales, but also reduces your return rate. When customers have the opportunity to view your product closely, examine its details and be better informed, there are fewer chances of any mismatch having it to be returned or shipped back.

To conclude, we would say, ‘a picture is worth more than 1000 words!’ stands absolutely true for online stores.