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How Daily Deals Drive Traffic to Your Website?

What are daily deals?

Buyers keep eagerly waiting for end of the season sales to buy the items most desired by them because they can get the same product at reduced price. But these deals are offered much later thus there is a risk of the items going out of stock. So the solution for this is “daily deals”.

These are really exciting and attractive deals offered by most leading ecommerce stores for their buyers so that buyers can avail their services at reduced cost thus keeping them happy. These daily deals last for about 24 hours only. Each day a different deal is offered by ecommerce stores to the buyers which can help increase its sales.

On what basis are these offered?

These daily deals may be provided by the store to the customers either:
• On all products
• On selected products
• On orders above a minimum value

If the store wants to increase the sale of some specific category of products, it chooses to provide daily deals on selected products. If the store want to increase its overall sales of then it opts for daily deals on all products. If the store mainly wants to increase traffic towards its store and attract customers to buy more, then minimum value purchases are implemented by them.

3 tips for directing traffic via daily deals

1. Pay for directing traffic: pay for advertising your deals via television, newspapers, radio, direct mail, etc. You can also opt for banner advertisements.
2. Buyer recommendations: make people want to share these deals as if the product or offer is good, they will be inclined to tell other prospective buyers.
3. Promotion by merchants: ask the dealers of the products on your ecommerce page to promote the offers via Twitter, Facebook, etc., It is the best and core way to direct traffic to your site.