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Crazy Egg – A Popular Tool to Optimize Your eCommerce Site

We all look for different methods to get more audience for our website, don’t we? Well, there are various amazing tools available that gives you a deeper insight and offer suggestions to improve and develop your ecommerce website conversion rate.

Crazy Egg is one of the most admired tools for click tracking and it also displays a data based on clicks. This data include ‘heat maps’, ‘scroll map’ etc. With this data you can get an understanding of how your visitors engage with your website. Crazy egg is easily set-up account on JavaScript which you place on each page you wish to track.

Here are some Crazy Egg highlights:

  • With this tool, you can easily find the hottest areas of each site page.  With heat maps, you can get a visual representation of exactly where visitors clicked on your web store.
  • You can also have a data on how much your visitors scroll down by scroll map tool of this Crazy egg.
  • Every click counts for the web store owner. This tool is helpful to know the number of clicks getting on each page.
  • The Confetti tool is very useful as it provides user details or an uncovered traffic source is coming from. From mobile to referral links, search items other sites and more get the details for each page site by rolling mouse cursor on user click.
  • Crazy egg tool won’t be interfering at all with site loading. Your audience will not have any problems with site speed or performance.
  • Just with one crazy egg account you can track multiple domains successfully.
  • It is also helpful for source site. It automatically detects whether your site is secure and switches to secure version of tracking script.
  • This tool can track iFame and Flash objects too on your site.
  • Crazy eggs also gives you report to let you analyze your site on the basis of visitors visited your page, details of each page tracked, tracking status, heat maps etc.

Crazy egg tool is used by some of the large corporations to keep track of site usage and user actions. This tool reporting features are attractive and appealing as the Crazy egg is quite cheaper and has nice array of information and reports to help you click traffic.