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How Breadcrumbs Improves SEO of a Magento Store?

Breadcrumbs improves SEO and thus are essential part of any e-commerce websites. Breadcrumbs help the consumer navigate through the website easily. It is important that these breadcrumbs are placed in a manner that gives the user the maximum navigation ease. In this blog we will look through where breadcrumbs need to be placed to enhance the user’s navigation experience.

Focus on Hierarchy:

Breadcrumbs should be placed in a manner that displays the hierarchy of the site rather than a history of where the user has been. Breadcrumbs placed in a hierarchical manner allow the user to have logical steps of sequence. The home page should be the beginning and the current page should be the ideal way that a breadcrumb is set. For example Home ≥ Women ≥ Jeans.


It is important that the steps of the breadcrumbs are dotted with hyperlinks. This will allow the user to hop back or navigate whichever way he/she fancies. The current page should always be left unlinked.


Placing symbols to separate between steps in a breadcrumb helps make breadcrumbs easy to follow. An easy to follow breadcrumb makes the website user-friendly thereby retaining visitors who have browsed through.

Close Proximity:

Placing breadcrumbs in a close proximity to the dominant links on the page gives the breadcrumbs more prominence. The breadcrumbs that are positioned below the global horizontal navigation gives users a great experience.

Breadcrumbs are a cost and time effective way with which the e-commerce can retain their visitors while lowering the abandonment rates to a high-level. Consumer disorientation is a factor that affects e-commerce negatively. This standard navigational element can make these issues a history from the e-commerce domain. Placing breadcrumbs is not enough. It is the correct placement of breadcrumbs that make the difference.