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How Breadcrumb Navigation Increase Website Usability?

Breadcrumbs are an important feature of the e-commerce website. It makes browsing through the website an easy experience. On one hand breadcrumb navigation increase website usability & its user friendliness and on the other hand it improve SEO and help increase the website traffic. Here in this article we will learn how breadcrumb navigation is important to a website.


Breadcrumbs help users to find their location on a particular website. It shows them the location that they are in, in connection to the higher-level concepts. This gives user an over all view of where they are in relation to the rest of the website.

Help find your way

Breadcrumbs allow users a one-click access to the various higher site levels of a website. It helps users to find their way back from locations where they venture while browsing through the website.

Never Misleads

One of the best features of Breadcrumbs is that it never causes problems in the user testing side. People overlook this feature but this is an important design element that makes the whole experience worthwhile.Breadcrumb trails are made in a manner that doesnot leave space for misinterpretations and it is easy to operate them.

Less Space

Breadcrumbs are of a great use to the e-commerce businesses but they take up very less space. This allows an e-commerce website to have a lot of space to use.

The benefits that breadcrumbs shower on the e-commerce website outweigh the troubles that it causes. The popularity of breadcrumbs is growing with e-commerce businesses taking in to their benefits. An e-commerce company that has breadcrumbs in it’s website give the users a great browsing experience. This makes the website have people browsing in while increasing the sales of their featured products. Breadcrumbs are those parts of a website that silently help a website reach success.