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Boost Your eCommerce Sales With Effective Upselling Techniques

The concept of upselling is considered as one of the most important unrealized opportunity for the ecommerce businesses. Upselling is the practice of offering a premium or upgraded version of a product to the customers. Upselling techniques usually involve the marketing of more profitable products but it can also be used to provide other options to the customers that were perhaps not considered. Suppose you booked an economy class trip for $900 but you can upgrade and enjoy the comfort of business class for an additional $300. In a simple language, the seller encourages the buyers to spend more money on shopping than they had initially planned. Seller recommends a higher priced alternative to the item that the customer is currently considering.

A smart seller uses different visual and written languages for asking a customer to spend extra money on a premium product. Add-on sales, a cross-sale and bundle sales can be used by the ecommerce businesses to raise their revenue. Three effective upselling tricks are given below:

  • Add-on sales are extra little services such as product training, tech support, subscription or protection plans that give extra piece of mind to your customers. You can add a little more price to your products for providing these extra services rather than asking them to buy extended warranty.
  • Another effective way to facilitate upselling is by offering expert recommendations by the professionals or field expert. This could be anything from a doctor’s recommendation on drugs to a chef’s recommendations on a specific menu. Many leading ecommerce businesses use this trick.
  • Offer products of different price ranges to your customers and explain the features of each product. For example, if three items of different price range are offered to the customer then perhaps the customer can pick the item that costs least. However, it will leave a good impression on your customers and they will trust you. This will also increase the chances of future sales from the same customer.