Boost Your eCommerce Conversion With Quality Pictures

Designing your ecommerce store is not only making it look attractive but making it sure to generate great sales. You need to develop trust and confidence in your customers about your products and services. Your second goal should be to make sure that your customers can navigate quickly and properly through your website. Your site should be designed in such a way that your customers can find the item quickly they are looking for. Moreover their purchase should be quick as well as painless.

Since customers want to see the product they are buying therefore:

  • Include several large and high resolution images of your products on your website.
  • These images should be taken from different angles so that your customers can understand how your product looks like.
  • Video is a great way of demonstrating products because it shows the product from multiple angles.
  • Although photos of the product help to display how the product looks like but the photos of the actual customers using the product helps to show your potential buyers how it looks like when being used.
  • Try to provide a field in your website where customers can upload their own photos with the product.

A survey showed that 25% dissatisfaction with a shopping experience was because the product was not like what the customers expected. If your product comes in multiple colors then the customers want to see the product in different colors. Present at least one image for each design or color change. Although a product has same shape, design and material but you can completely change the look of the product by displaying it in different colors.

Hence product images are everything to the customers in your ecommerce store. Photographs allow the customers to increase their trust in your ecommerce store. Providing images to show each product variation reduces returns. Moreover, it is the best way to increase conversions.

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