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Prompts - Responsive Magento Theme-1091

Free Magento Theme – Magik Clothes Store

We are proud to announce our new FREE Magento theme for our blog readers and rest of the Magento community. Magik Clothes Store is really a simple yet complicated ...

Layered Navigation Pro

How To Setup A Cron Job In Magento – Magento Cron Tutorial

A CRON is a daemon which keeps running and gets activated at a said interval (time period). Cron helps store owners ...

Flexible Product Detail Page

How To Integrate Mailchimp Into Your Magento Store

Are you looking to integrate Mailchimp email subscription within your Magento powered store? If yes then you ...

Blog Management from Backend

How Roy Rubin Built Magento Into The Most Popular Open Source Ecommerce Platform

If you are a Magento fan as we are, you will love to hear the story for how Magento was conceieved and built by the Varien ...


How To Create CSS Image Buttons In Your Magento Themes

Many developers and store owners don't like to use images as buttons simply because they do not wish their users to ...

Add fine-tuned Canonical meta tags

How To Delete Magento Test Orders From A Magento Store

Are you wondering how to delete all test orders you have made in Magento while testing? In Sandbox mode store owners ...

Multi Purpose Homepage with Multiple Layouts & Mega Menu

How To Setup & Manage Multiple Stores In Magento Commerce

Gone are the days when you have to setup separate E-commerce scripts to manage & ...

How To Install Google Site Search In Magento – Google Search For Magento Stores

Magento powered stores or any other Ecommerce stores rely on the fact that no matter how many products they can display on their home page people will surely search for ...

Scrolling Cart

How To Install Magento Extensions – Magento Extension Installation Guide

How To Install Magento Extensions Magento Extensions are simply great way of adding new features and functionality to your Magento powered stores. ...

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