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Best Practices for Selecting Right Product Recommendations for eCommerce Landing Pages

The ultimate goal of an eCommerce website is to generate revenue and make profit. To accomplish this, an eCommerce store must find ways to attract more and more customers (web traffic) to their store and tempt them to become repeat customers to raise average order size & increase revenue. To achieve this objective an eCommerce store must lure customers with an attractive store-front, relevant product offerings & a hassle free shopping experience. Creating a warm, trustworthy and healthy atmosphere which make clients feel welcomed, motivates them to come back over n over, again n again.

One way to enhance customer shopping experience is to offer them an attractive, easy to navigate store front along with highly relevant product recommendations. This suggestion is based on their past purchase history. When you personalize a store for each and every customer the notion that goes out is that you value your customers the most. Recommending products as per their needs and past purchases makes them feel that you care for their interests and needs. Product recommendations help you build trust and an emotional connection with the customer.

Best Practices for Selecting the Right Product Recommendations for Your eCommerce Landing Pages:

A landing page is the main store-front and the entry gate of an eCommerce store. So, it must create a good first impression in order to attract more and more visitors. Most eCommerce stores display a range of special offers on these landing pages. In cases where the visitor is a known or a returning customer, these recommendations can be personalized. You can even add additional recommendations on the basis of their past purchase history.

You may wonder as to what type of recommendations suit Landing Pages? On a landing page, recommended products can be generic products, complementary products or alternative products. The location to display these recommended products will depend on your page layout. The only thing you must take care is the number of recommended products to show on your landing page. It is better to have a  few teasers on the landing page than to have a cluttered & congested page.

If the customer is a new customer, then you can display generic recommendations like new arrivals, special events / occasions, popular products, top rated products, best selling products or featured products. For a returning or a known customer, you can display products as per his interest & preference. You may include new product for you section, where in you can display new arrivals based on his choice. Displaying complementary products on a landing page increases the chances of cross selling and up selling an item. For example if a user has bought a dress, you can recommend her / him to buy matching jewelry, a handbag that goes pretty well with it or just a pair of shoes to wear it with. Similarly you can display alternative or substitute products based on user history.