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Why Avoid Back Hat Temptatiops?

Black hat techniques are a practice in SEO that increases a page’s rank in the search engine by means that violate SEO terms of service. Black hat SEO techniques can lead to immediate success however it is important to note that these successes are for a short-term basis. Black

Hat techniques can lead a website to immediate success and high page ranking but it may also lead to the website being banned.

The black hat techniques that are used by websites for short-term gain are listed below:

  1. Content Automation
  2. Hidden links or texts
  3. Doorway Pages
  4. Keyword Stuffing
  5. Redirecting links
  6. Cloaking of Text

These are the most common of black hat techniques that are used. There are other techniques that are used on a broader level. They are:

  1. Manipulating the links
  2. Spinning of Article
  3. Link Schemes, Farms, Wheels and Networks
  4. Queries that are automated
  5. Creating pages that has phishing, viruses, Trojans and malware
  6. Markup Spam

The black hat technique though not recommended can be used to bring in traffic to a website. The traffic that is brought in with black hat techniques cannot be attained by normal practices. These benefits can make the website temporarily popular but it is not for a long term. A website that focuses on long-term benefit for a website do not gain from black hat techniques. There are many techniques that a website can apply that can bring in benefits for the website in a legal way.

  1. Automated Keyword Suggestion
  2. SEO Workflow Prioritization
  3. Search Friendly Information Architecture

The above mentioned are legal ways to bring in traffic. Black hat techniques do not bring in any long-term extensive benefits. Giving in to the temptations of black hat techniques will give short-term temporary benefits.