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How Does Add to WishList Feature Help eCommerce Business?

Add to WishList feature is a customer interest arousing feature of e-commerce. This feature allows the user to make a stock of all the purchases that needs to be made at a given point of time. There are many reasons why customers like to shop through websites that have this feature.


A buyer may like many products from all the sections of the website. A website that has this add to wishlist feature allows the buyer to bring to one place all the things that has taken their fancy. This allows the buyer to have a convenient purchase and checkout after browsing through the website rather than going back and making a choice every time.


Buyers can easily make a comparison of the products that they are thinking to buy if they have all products sorted out on a wishlist. Maybe they like two similar things or maybe they have found something to add on to a particular product. They can all make a great combination if the products are together in a place. The sales of an e-commerce business rise because people keep adding to the wishlist and come with combination purchases. This would not have been possible without a wishlist feature.

Hidden Products

There are many products that go unnoticed because users do not like to browse through numerous pages of products. The wishlist feature enables them or gives them the freedom to search through and come keep products they like in one place. This encourages users to browse through products and keep them for future buying.

Add to wishlist feature is a great way to sell off products that are out of stock. Buyers can save products in their wishlist and buy later.