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The Add to Favorites Feature Just Does The Trick

Add to favorites feature is a feature on your website that allow buyers to add things that they like to a separate category. Users can buy the product later when they need it. The add to favorites feature allows a user to have a collection of products that he/she fancies buying. You can say its a kind of ‘wish-list’ that they create while surfing your website.

There are many benefits that an e-commerce website can achieve with this feature.

• First is, the fact that it lets customers buy products when they want, brings in more customers to browse the website. This increases traffic and also converts undecided browsers into buyers. Moreover if browsers forget what they have browsed through this feature will keep reminding of the products that are in their wish list.

• Secondly, an e-commerce business does not lose out on customers if the products are out of stock. Customers can come in anytime keep an out-of-stock product in the favorite cart and buy it when it is available. This allows an e-commerce website from losing customers because of stock unavailability.

• This add to favorite feature makes re-order of products easy. This feature makes B2B or B2C business a comfortable experience. There are users who need to replenish their supplies on a regular basis.

• Once a customer has added a product to his favorite list that only means one thing that he/she intends to buy that product.

• Last but not the least, you can send personalized emails to the customers who have their favorite category filled with your ecommerce products thus converting them into buyers.

An e-commerce website that can facilitate repeat orders with the help of add to favorites tool will have customers converting to patrons.

The ‘Add to favorite’ feature is necessary for e-commerce. It is a feature that keep customers happy and gives them a hassle free shopping experience.