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4 On-Page SEO Techniques That Could Help



SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO of your webpage should be done such that it can give high ranking in the search results of Google/Yahoo/Bing etc. Higher the page is ranked there are more chances of getting traffic to the website. As the number of visitors for the webstore increases it will also increase the sales on the website.

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO techniques are the techniques that can be directly applied for editing the webpage of your website that has a direct influence on the page ranking. These factors are managed by you or the coding of your website.

It does not include the practices used indirectly for ranking the webpage which includes optimization through social media sites, forum and blog marketing, article submission etc.

4 On Page SEO Techniques:

  • URL structure –The URL used for defining the webpage should be significant giving the idea about the content of the page. Following points are important in this regard:a) Keywords used appropriately defining the webpage.
    b) It should be short in size to yield better SEO results.
    c) The location of the keywords also has a major influence.
  • Content of the page -The content of the page must always be unique and interesting to attract the attention of the readers and can support in building links to other websites. It must be posted frequently to establish a publishing strategy. It must be useful and well researched.
  • Internal Links – Internal links is building one’s own web of the site. It increases the time spend of the visitor on your website making it more demanded and increasing the customer-buyer relationship. The main benefits include:a) It makes the site properly crawled.
    b) It increases the relevancy of the site.
    c) It makes it easier for the visitor to explore more products and services related to the one being searched for.
  • Page titles and Meta descriptions – Every page of the webstore should have a unique title of the page, which includes the important keywords related to the page. A good page title will make it easier for the user to know what the page is about. The Meta descriptions added to the page makes its readability enhanced by including the important keywords.