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4 Best Practices For your eCommerce Retail Home Page

Do you know the components of a great eCommerce retail home page? No? Then you must take a look at below mentioned points to create one. Most of the eCommerce websites are based on an individual’s personal preferences. But there are some common practices that count for an attractive webdesign. And if your website is missing these common practices then you must now test them on your website. Following is a list of five such ‘must-have-features’ that should be there on your homepage.

1. Clean & Easy Navigation Covering Enough Product Categories:

Browsing is one of the crucial user activity on the home page. Navigating through your store menu items should be simple enough for the user to understand it correctly. Allowing them to navigate to more comprehensive categories than just the top-level ones is a great idea. For example if you run an online shoe store, your top level categories should be women’s, men’s, kids etc. Then breaking these categories into sub-category options along a left hand menu looks amazing giving you ample space to display advertised sales products.

2. A Prominent & Sophisticated On-site Search Box :

Search is another very crucial element of your website. Instead of browsing through hundreds of products, users usually search for a desired product using this ‘on-site search’ bar. It not only help them save time & efforts, it also takes them straight to the product page which is highly appreciated. Ensuring that they get what they are looking for can make a real big difference in your conversions. It also stimulates user’s quick buying decision. As soon as a user hits your website, ensure that the search box / bar is a clearly visible navigation option for them.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is the relevancy of the search results. The functionality of the search box on your website must be user-friendly with predictive search suggestions and filtering options.

3. Value Proposition Along With Personalized Customer Service Messages :

Personalized messages are becoming a popular trend to engage more and more customers. Establishing a good rapport with your customers can help you achieve sales and personalized messages play an important role to build it.

4. Distinct ‘Call-To-Action’ Buttons :

Never rely on your customers to interpret your website. Instead, make your call-to-action buttons / links so clear that your customers do not have any other option than to understand the message you want to convey.

Homepage is one of the most important pages on your website. So, it is very crucial to get it right and working.