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3 On Page SEO Techniques That Can’t Go Unnoticed

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique for directing the traffic to your site. It increases the visibility of the site. The more useful the site for the visitors, the higher will be the ranking.

On page SEO is possibly the most significant process; not only for improved rankings but also for a thriving internet advertising campaign.

Thus we see, that careful implementation of SEO techniques is very important. The three most important of them that can’t go unnoticed are:

• Good content: a website can’t survive and thrive if the content on the website is bad. If the content on the website is bad, no SEO technique can help increase the traffic on your website.

a. The content on your website should be original.
b. The content should be copyscape checked.
c. It should have a good and descriptive text.

• Internal linking: linking pages is very important and effective. It is good to link your internal website pages, because it helps the search engine to know about other important pages of your ecommerce store.

• Speed and authorship: it is a very newly discovered technique but one the most important once. Google is now making speed as one of the factors for ranking so that the website designers look into the area of speed and try and be faster. Google is also trying to provide higher rankings to sites that prove to be an authority on the matter. For e.g. If you prove that as a fashion store you know about the latest trends in the market and provide products accordingly, then you have an authority on it.

These on page SEO techniques if included on your ecommerce page, will definitely give your ecommerce store a great boost and help in increasing your sales.