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29 Ways To Grow Revenue Of Your Magento Store

Do you spend time thinking of ways to optimize your Magento eCommerce store? Then you might like these 29 Ways to Increase Revenues, Boost Conversion, Enhance User Experience and Optimize Store Operations.

Increase Revenues

  1. Increase your average order value by charging extra fees for premium services
  2. Drive additional sales with “recommended” products
  3. Help buyers discover related products with “who brought this also brought this” block
  4. Increase sales by letting buyers find products that are bought together
  5. Offer an alert email for product price drops & bring back buyers to complete their purchases

Boost Conversion

  1. Create attractive discounts & define rules to apply on products & categories
  2. Bring back buyers who left an incomplete transaction via personalized email messages
  3. Display “on sale” products with attractive stickers to drive attention
  4. Alert your buyers about expiring discounts, new products etc. via a notification bar
  5. Add a timer to expiring discounts or products to drive buyers to act on their purchases
  6. Highlight featured products to draw attention and drive conversion
  7. Hide product price based on rules to improve engagement

Enhance User Experience

  1. Turbo charge your search box with intelligence auto complete functionality
  2. Empower users to drill down & discover products with layered navigation
  3. Offer a quick view feature on the product listing page for a sneak peek
  4. Update the shopping cart with Ajax and let the user continue adding items
  5. Help answer buyers’ questions while shopping via a questions widget
  6. Help users find your local shops via a dead easy store locator
  7. Keep the shopping cart visible to the user with a scrolling cart add-on
  8. Allow buyers to rate reviews so you can bubble up the most helpful reviews
  9. Showcase popular/new/most bought products with a fancy product slider
  10. Automatically add a festival / event related flavor you your site & engage users

Optimize Operations

  1. Automate your Magento store backup & protect against data loss disasters
  2. Setup & customize a “daily dashboard” to stay on top of key metrics for your store
  3. Update and manage your product prices via a bulk price manager
  4. Easily update products at once with a bulk product manager
  5. Create custom forms to enable customized flows
  6. Dramatically improve your search traffic via search engine optimization
  7. Disable add to cart functionality for selected products based on needs

We would love to know your thoughts, experiences of growing your Magento store’s revenue. Please leave us a comment and share your views with us.