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13 Great Magento Extensions for Your eCommerce Store

Magento is an excellent open source platform to create an eCommerce store. But, to utilize it to its full potential you need to use some extensions. If you have been using Magento for quiet a while, you are aware that its basic setup doesn’t suit 100% of your needs & requirements. To do the additional tasks you want, you’ll have to install Magento extensions that serves the purpose. Magik offers a wide range of Magento extensions that will make your eCommerce store eye-catching, functional and user-friendly.  Magik extensions are equipped with all premium features and functionality that empower store owners to provide enhanced shopping experience to their customers and visitors.

Here are top 13 Magento extensions for your eCommerce Magento store:

1. Magik Extra Fee Extension

Magik Extra Fee is the most powerful and feature rich extension for creating flexible extra fees and additional charges ( like Gift Wrap, Insurance, Rush Delivery etc.) for Magento-powered stores.

2. Magento Hide Price Extension

Magento Hide Price extension is the most comprehensive & customizable Magento extension to hide product prices from guests, visitors, customers based on store’s business requirements. Hide price extension is fully loaded with add-on functionality like “Call for price”, “Hide add to cart button” or show “Inquiry form”. Managing products in faster and reliable. Hide price extension allow store owners to define custom messages, forms and buttons to personalize the shopping flow.

3. Magento Quick View

Boost sales as shoppers save time with the use of Magento Quick View Extension. Shoppers can now quickly view a detailed product image without actually visiting the product page in a Lightbox theme. It is simple, faster, reliable, configurable and serves as a perfect extension for your product based Magento shop.

4. Magento Bulk Product Manager

Magento Bulk Product Manager drastically reduces store management time which store admins spent on managing products, relating products, assigning attribute set, categories, cross sell, up sell etc. in bulk. You can easily use the extension to take bulk action on products such as relate products in bulk, bulk update products by attributes etc.

5. Magento Countdown Timer Extension

Magento Countdown Timer is the #1 extension for adding a backward countdown to your products, categories or your entire store. Adding a countdown timer creates a sense of curiosity and urgency in the minds of your visitors and can lead to a dramatically higher conversion rate.

6. Magento SEOSpace Extension

Magento SEOSpace is one of the most crucial Magento SEO extension that exists today for Magento store owners. It consists of various SEO functionality that helps you to optimize the content of your pages, image titles, meta descriptions, canonical URLs and much more.

7. Magento FaqMate Extension

FaqMate is a powerful Magento extension to create pages for frequently asked questions about your products or services within your Magento store. It improves your SEO & build customer’s trust by answering common questions.

8. BlogMate: Magento Blog Extension

Magik BlogMate – Magento Blog Extension is a powerful yet simple Blog extension for Magento. It provides an easy way for your customers to stay up-to-date with your store’s announcements, sales. This Magento Blog module also builds relevant SEO friendly URLS, landing pages for effective link building.

9. Magento Festive Flavor

Magento Festive Flavor is powerful & feature rich Magento extension to give your Magento store a perfect holiday flavor. It could be falling Snow flakes, header and footer decoration, beautiful snowman or Santa. Beautiful holiday season effects that enables you to customize store’s header and footer by uploading custom images or let you select from pre-defined ones.

10. Magento Checkout Pro

Magento Checkout Pro is a perfect solution for Magento store owners to combine multiple checkout steps into one page. Such Magento express checkout systems are known to increase revenue and customer retention by reducing the number of steps (forms) to bare minimum. It follows quick checkout system also known as one step checkout process to get the details of customers within one form.

11. Magento Product Recommendations

Magento product Recommendations helps you to improve conversation and sell more by helping your customers see awesome products from your inventory that are most relevant to them based on their past purchase history. Powerful Product recommendation engine of our extension rank products with intelligence to recommend products seamlessly.

12. Magento Slider Extension

Magento Slider is a powerful homepage product slider for Magento stores to allow users to add an attractive slider on store’s homepage to showcase promotions and more. It can also be used as a Magento banner slider to display custom images on your store’s homepage.

13. Magento Age Verifier Extension

Magento Age Verifier is a Magento extension that allow store owners to setup a very simple and easy to use age confirmation feature for products that are meant for customers above a certain age.