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10 Reasons You Must Upgrade to Magento 1.5

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Magento is latest stable version released by Magentocommerce but various stores are still running older versions 1.3.x or 1.4.x just because they don’t know if they are running Magento stores which is not upgraded to latest secure version. Upgrading Magento was always a pain for many store owners (one prominent reason for not Upgrading). 1.3.x and 1.4.x versions had various bugs and performance issues which are taken care of in latest Magento 1.5.x versions. In additional there are various added functionalities been introduced to facilitate store owners who still choose self hosted version. Those who have opted for Magento Go don’t have to worry about upgraded etc. as Magento itself will take care of all the bugs, performance issues etc. Magento 1.5.0 comes with the following features which have major changes in various modules i.e.

  1. Improved Import/Export functionality for Products and Customers
  2. Ability to add and manage composite products when creating or editing orders from the admin
  3. Enhanced shopping cart features to support editing of product configurations
  4. Enhanced wishlist functionality
  5. Alternative media storage using either file system or database
  6. PayFlow Link integration
  7. Upgraded Zend Framework to 1.11.1
  8. Enhancements to the core API including exposing shopping cart API
  9. New & Improved Magento Connect Manager
  10. Modify order address even after an order is made

Magento 1.5 also supports the followings:

  • Order composite products in admin
  • Edit order without creating a new one
  • Custom order statuses (this is currently possible by adding an xml node in a config.xml file of a custom module, but 1.5 will allow you to manage order statuses via the admin)
  • Multi-step checkout with no Javascript
  • Improved import functionality (note: the uRapidflow extension currently enables these features, plus more)
  • Product types supported:
    1. Simple
    2. Virtual
    3. Grouped
    4. Configurable
    5. Gift Card
  • All types of attributes will be supported
  • Support for different values per scope
  • Support for custom options
  • Support for tiered pricing

Apart from these there are various functional elements in the pipeline which will release soon. Just keep an eyes on latest Magento 1.5 releases. Please leave me a comment and let me know your inputs on upgrading to Magento 1.5.x. Subscribe our RSS to receive latest Magento updates.