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Store Locator - Magento Extension

Store Locator with Google Maps Magento Extension

Magento Store Locator is a powerful extension for companies having multiple geographic locations. It helps customers quickly find the store location, dealer location by country, city, zip code, address on Google Map.

Preview Store Locations on the Map
Preview Store Locations on the Map
Google Map Configuration Settings
Google Map Configuration Settings
Create multiple store locations as you need
Create multiple store locations as you need
Add / Edit Store Location with Coordinates
Add / Edit Store Location with Coordinates

Magento store & dealer locator extension quickly enables customers to find your nearest store to purchase products. It displays exact store address on interactive Google map to make navigation as easy as possible. Customers can quickly browse your store locations and figure out which location is nearest for convenient offline purchase. Magento store locator extension is #1 in comprehensiveness - it helps your customers find their way to, or contact, your real-world stores, show physical stores using Google maps, customize locator layout by title, width, height, marker image and much more.

Magento Store/Dealer/Showroom Locator Extension Features
  Create unlimited number of store locations
  Helps customers search the nearest store
  Quickly set up multiple store locations using parameters such as address, email, zip
  Magento store locator comes with responsive, user-friendly interface
  Ability to enable/disable Magento Store Locator in admin panel
  Supports Google Map, Terrain or Satellite views of stores
  Convenient single-page Locations List
  Embedded Interactive Map
  Ability to assign locations to all or specific stores
  Customize Locator layout by title, width, height, marker image etc
  Ability to show URL in either header or footer links
  Show Magento Store Map on Contact Us page
  Magento Advance Store Locator is dead easy to install
  Admin can enable/disable search box in locator
  Define description of any location with Magento Dealer Locator
  Fanatic support with 1000s of satisfied stores

Promote your stores with Magento Store Locator

Magento Store Locator extension enables you to add addresses of physical retail stores to your website just in a few clicks. This Magento store finder allows creating as many store locations as you need and displaying them on a separate page using Google maps. Give customers Magento navigation map with exact store locations to enhance their shopping experience. Moreover, they can see additional store's details such as address, contact number or description. In short, Magento Google map store locator extension promotes your additional nearby stores and boost revenue.

Magento Store Locator FAQ's

  • Can I add a marker image to the Google Map?

    Yes, Magento Google Map Store Locator extension allows you to add custom marker image to the Google map.
  • How to show store locator link in the responsive site?

    Using Magento store locator extension you can show a link either at header or footer from admin setting
  • How to add Magento Store Map to your store on the contact us page?

    You've to go under Admin => System => Configuration => Magik store locator => General => Show Locator on Contact Us Page => select "yes" - save
  • Is it possible to show google map without Google API key?

    Yes, Magento Google Map extension shows all store location map without Google API key.
  • Can I show Magento Dealer Locator map in a CMS page?

    Yes you can show dealer locator map in CMS page. You need to call block like this {{block type="storelocator/index" template="storelocator/locator.phtml"}}.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome extension with top class professional support. Review by Merry

    Awesome extension with top class professional support.

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