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Quick View - Magento Extension

Magento Quick View - Product Quick View Magento Extension

Magento Quick View is a comprehensive extension for accessing product details from product listing page without having to load a new page within AJAX powered responsive popup. It makes your store easier and faster to navigate.

Quick View Button on the Category Page
Quick View Button on the <span>Category Page</span>
Multiple Actions in the Quick View pop-up window
<span>Multiple Actions</span> in the Quick View pop-up window
Configurable Product with options in Quick View Popup
<span>Configurable Product with options</span> in Quick View Popup
Quick View for Grouped Product
Quick View for <span>Grouped Product</span>
Quick View for Bundle Product
Quick View for <span>Bundle Product</span>
Quick View Configuration settings
Quick View Configuration settings

Magento Quick View is a complete AJAX based product quick preview extension that is designed to be a dead-easy solution to optimize your customer's shopping experience by showing all the necessary product information in a popup box - so as a Magento customer you don't have to load product pages to see details while making a purchase decision. Magento quick view is #1 in comprehensiveness - it helps you optimize customer's shopping experience, keep customer focused helping them make quick decisions, makes your store easier and faster to navigate and much more. Magento quick view is simple, faster, reliable and configurable which serves as a perfect extension to showcase your products.

Magento Quick Preview Extension Features
  Fully responsive quick view popup, works well on all devices
  Fully customizable from admin panel
  Show product options within quick view for configurable or bundled products
  Show/hide details in quick view as needed
  Show/hide rating and review in quick view screen
  Display product description tab in quick view screen
  Show/hide add to wishlist link in Magento quick preview popup
  Show/hide full description in catalog quick preview section
  Show/hide full additional product information in quick catalog view popup
  Show/hide "Add to Cart" in quick view popup
  Ability to Navigate products within quick view pop-up. Display "Next" & "Previous" product links in popup screen
  Ability to setup width of quick view pop up to match your Magento theme
  Upload loader image for quick view popup
  Customize quick preview popup border color
  Show/hide product inventory (stock availability) in quick view popup
  Supports all product types; simple, configurable, bundle etc.
  No core files need modifications
  Seamless integration with any third-party Magento themes

Seamless integration with any third-party Magento themes

Magento quick view extension reduces browsing time but also brings the convenient experience to shopper. Customers can quickly view product details without leaving the catalog navigation page. Boost conversion by quickly showing product's detail on listing pages without actually redirecting customers to product detail pages.

Magento Quick View extension is a front-end feature that speeds up the browsing process by showing quick product preview on product listing page within product quick view popup. It drastically enhances user experience who are browsing your store since they can quickly compare 2 products by looking at their details. With Magento quick view extension you save your customers time which is typically spent on loading detail pages for more information.

Magento Quick View FAQ's

  • Can I customize extensions to suite my needs?

    Yes, you can modify our extensions at your discretion. You can customize border color, loader image, product options, add to cart button, and more. However, you cannot resell or place the modified extensions (the whole) as downloads on your site.
  • Can I translate this extension into other languages like Spanish, Chinese …?

    Yes, you can translate this extension into other languages. Our developers will help you locate where to update or change languages to suite your needs. Magento supports international languages, please find your languages packages here
  • How can I download the product which I have just bought?

    The download link will be automatically sent to your payment email address within 5 minutes after the payment is done. Please check the Order Confirmation Email, there will be a download link inside. Or you can log into your account under My Account > My Downloadable Products you will find the product/extension to download.
  • Can I download updates of new versions?

    Yes, if we update the extension, we will also update the download package/ download link, so please use the download link in from your account to get the latest version of the product.
  • Can I install products on multiple domains?

    Each extension will have single domain license. If you want to use any of our extension on more than one domain then you need to purchase the license for every single domain.
  • May I install the software on my development / staging server?

    Yes, absolutely. You may install on an unlimited number of staging / development servers.
  • What does upgrades mean? How long will I receive updates for the software?

    Upgrades refer to future versions of the software. For example, if you order an extension then you will have access to any new versions released for that extension.
  • What does support mean?

    Support refers to the free support period where we will provide guidance regarding any queries you have or any tickets you raise.
  • Can I order installation at a later date if needed?

    Yes, you may order installation at any time by contacting our support team at
  • Can I add Magento product options on Quick View Popup?

    Yes, Magento Quick View extension shows all types of Magento product options like attributes and custom options (including product color, weight, size etc).
  • Can I enable Magento quick view for featured products on homepage?

    No, currently Quick View extension works only on product listing (category) pages.
  • Can I display additional product information in quick view popup?

    Yes, Magento quick view popup extension can show/hide additional product information, reviews tab, add to cart button, and add to wishlist within the popup. Admins have the option to either enable or disable these features.
  • Is it Ajax Product Quick View for Magento?

    Yes, This extension is Ajax quick view product for Magento.
  • Can I show Magento quick view on grid or list mode?

    Yes, You can show Magento quick view on both grid & list mode.

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect Review by Charles

    Worked perfectly well with my product based online shop. Faced a few issues at first, but with the help of the support team the extension was up and running within minutes.

  • No complexities Review by Smith

    Just what I was looking for. Facilitated all my lurking issues within minutes. I am a satisfied customer. A big thumbs up to this modest extension.

  • Works just fine Review by Jessica

    All I have got to say is, the extension works for me. Got a 90 days support with my initial purchase and it was really helpful. I would rate it nothing less than 5 stars.

  • Easy to use Review by Jordan

    Easy to use and install. I was able to configure it according to my online shop needs. Neat and well built extension with utmost support. A must have extension for your Magento stores.

  • Excellent Review by Mark

    Undoubtedly the most comprehensive extension. Worked like a charm for my Magento product shop. Observed some increase in sales. Easy to use and support is reliable.

  • Excellent Review by Steve

    I bought this product & it works as described. Awesome support. I recommend this extension.

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  • Supported Version   1.8x   1.7x Available for Magento 2
  • Compatible Firefox, Chrome, IE10, IE11, Safari, Opera etc.
  • Documentation Yes
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