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Product Question - Magento Extension

Product Question Answers (QA) Magento Extension

Magento Product Question Answers is a comprehensive Magento extension that enables a reliable communication between potential customer and store administrator. Customers can quickly ask product-related questions on the product page itself.

ASK A QUESTION and VIEW ANSWERS Links on Product Page
ASK A QUESTION and VIEW ANSWERS Links on Product Page
Popup for visitors and customers to Ask a Question about any product.
<span>Popup</span> for visitors and customers to Ask a Question about any product.
Integrated questions & answers panel for product pages
Integrated questions & answers panel for product pages
Customizable Email Notifications
Customizable Email Notifications
Easy to manage questions in back-end.
Easy to manage questions in back-end.
Answer question & publish so that it will be listed on FAQ page
Answer question & publish so that it will be listed on FAQ page

Magento Product Question and Answers extension is an effective solution that enables your potential customers to ask questions before making the purchase. Potential customers can either read "Answers" section to find more details or raise a new question for the administrator. Magento QA extension is a powerful tool to build a strong bond with potential customers that allow you to know their concerns, questions. The administrator can quickly answer the question raised by customers that become part of the "Answers" section under product page.

It also helps in keeping your product page fresh in the eyes of Google and other search engines because crawlers see more updated content on your product pages. All answered questions become a landing page for better SEO rankings plus it also has a proven record for helping customers and boosting revenue.

Product Questions and Answers WorkFlow

Customers land on a product page, they are interested in the product but before proceeding further they wanted to clarify certain things from the seller. Seller (Administrator) receives an email alert goes to Admin Panel and sees all unanswered questions. He/She quickly answers the question and that answer becomes a permanent part of the product page. The customer receives an email alert that his question is answered, he/she comes back reviews the answers. If the answer is satisfactory customer buys the product.

Moreover, product answer gets added to product knowledge base, it also saves administrators time answering the same question more than once.

Magento Question Answer Extension Features
  Improves communication between store owner & customers with Magento Discuss Item.
  Customers can refer to previous questions asked by other visitors.
  Get answers to questions right from your product page, which increases the overall customer satisfaction.
  Setup Ask a Question in minutes
  Setup email notification for customers & admin
  Improve SEO based on questions and answers on the specific product pages.
  Dead-easy & flexible admin interface
  Fanatic support with 1000's of satisfied stores.

Convert Potential Customers into Buyers

Sometimes your customers are just a step away from purchasing, yet they lack some information about a product or want to make sure they have selected the right one. Help your customers and increase your sales volume with Magento Question and Answer extension. It is a highly configuration Magento extension that can dramatically improve communication between store owners & customers.

Magento QuestionsPro Module FAQ's

  • Can I send an email to my customer soon after I answer their question?

    Yes, using Magento question pro extension customers are automatically notified that their question has been answered.
  • Can I display question & answer on the product page instead of one page apart?

    The current version of Magento customer questions extension will add the link to a page where particular product question & answeres are listed. But you can change it as per your need by customizing the extension.
  • Is it possible to show the count of question & answer on the product page ?

    No, Magento Question & Answer Extension will not show any count on the product page.
  • How can I turn on/off captcha on the form?

    Goto -> Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Customer -> Customer Configuration -> Captcha -> Enable the captcha on frontend set to "Yes".Under Forms field dropdown make sure you have "Magik Question Pro Form" selected then save config.
  • Can I send a confirmation email to the customer when he has posted the question?

    The current version of Magento QuestionsPro extension does not have this feature.
  • Can I customize the look and feel of my questionspro email template?

    Yes, Magento questionspro extension uses default transactional email template. You need to create your own questionspro email template by loading default template created by extension and customize it as per your needs

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