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Magento Pre Order - Pre Booking, Back Order Magento Extension

Pre Order is a comprehensive Magento extension that allows customers to either pre-book an upcoming product or back order an "out of stock" product. Sell products which are not available for immediate delivery.

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How Pre-Order Works

Magento Pre-Order is a complete back order solution that helps to sell "out of stock", "unavailable products" or "upcoming products" on your Magento store. Back order Magento extension is designed to be a dead-easy way to encourage customers to buy certain products that for a reason unavailable for immediate delivery - so as a Magento customer you are allowed to pre-book an upcoming product which will be shipped as soon as it's available.Magento Pre-Order is #1 in comprehensiveness - it helps store owners retain customers looking for a specific product which is "out of stock", cross-sell an upcoming product, analyze customer's demand, re-stock based on analyzed demand, launch an effective pre-booking campaigns and manage backorder notes per products to notify customers when the product will be available for shipment.

Sell products which are not available for immediate delivery

When some product is out-of-stock, you can enable back orders to let customers purchase it anyway. You get orders for a product that is out of stock to complete them when you get a product back into your inventory.


Provide facility to your customers to Pre-Order or Pre-Book Products

A pre-order is used to let customers purchase a product, that will be available in the near future. Usually, such a product is not available and overall sales are just beginning. Collect some orders before you get a product in stock.

Inform your Customers about Backordered Product

A warning link is automatically added to the product details, replacing the standard stock status notice. Clicking on this warning will open a pop-up with the admin-specified details informing your customers about the item status and expected arrivals time, etc.


Feature Highlights

Check out selected features below or view documentation for a full feature list

  Customers can order out of stock products   Customer can order an upcoming product
  Customer can back order specifically unavailable products   Supports all Magento product types; Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Bundle, Grouped, Configurable
  Let customers order much-anticipated items in advance   Backorder button is visible on product, category, and search results pages
  Global backorder note that will appear for all products (can be managed per product as well)   Replace "Add to Cart" button with "Pre Order", "Pre Book button on product pages
  Customize stock status on product page   Analyze customer's demands & restock accordingly
  Leave note for Back order products   Use for gift wraps, insurance, rush delivery etc.
  Powerful reporting to review extra charges   Ability to Enable/Disable Product types

Release Note

 Version 0.3.0
- Fixed Compability issue with Magento CE ver 1.9.X 
- Added Leave note for Back order products
- Added Backorder through Date information
 Version 0.2.0
- Fixed Bug fixes and improvements
- Added Backorder / Pre-Order option is visible in product search results

 Version 0.1.0
- Initial release

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  • Nice extension, outstanding service. Review by Ana

    Nice extension, outstanding service. I liked the extension very much.

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