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Price Timer - OpenCart Extension

Price Timer - OpenCart Extension

Opencart Price Timer is the #1 extension for adding a backward countdown to your special products in the store.

Price Timer for Special Products
Price Timer for Special Products
Price Timer Admin Configuration Settings
Price Timer Admin Configuration Settings

Opencart Price Timer is the #1 extension for adding a backward countdown to your special products in the store. Adding a countdown timer creates a sense of curiosity and urgency in the minds of your visitors and can lead to a dramatically higher conversion rate.

Enable / Disable Opencart Price Timer to your store
Attract customers & boost sales
Keep store up-to-date by disabling expired, outdated products
Customize as per your needs

Full Feature Lists
  Display number of Opencart product sales price countdown.
  Enable Opencart Price countdown timer from the backend.
  Count Hours, Minutes, Seconds In Reverse Order to Zero.
  Fully customizable through Admin Panel.
  Attract customers to place an OpenCart order with the remaining time left.

Attract additional attention to your promotions with Price Timer

Online store owners often have a need to track product sales and promotions by highlighting product and let customers know that a certain product is on-sale for only a few days by specifying OpenCart product expiry dates. After the declared time limit the offer no longer applies & sale ends. OpenCart Countdown Timer extension is a perfect motivator. The sense of urgency helps customers take their decision to buy such products much faster. When OpenCart timer stops, the product is automatically set to the disabled state which in turn disable Opencart store. The extension is extremely helpful when you need to display discount period of products on site.

OpenCart Price Timer FAQ's

  • Can I display end time for the product?

    Yes, you can display the OpenCart Price timer for the product. When the timer ends time then the timer will automatically disable which in turn disable OpenCart store.
  • Can I customize the look & feel of timer display?

    Yes, you can customize the display of timer from admin to fit it according to your theme. You can add your own custom CSS for your timer.
  • Any conflict with other extension or jquery?

    No, OpenCart Price timer does not conflict with other extension/jquery.

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