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Hide Price - Call for Price Magento2 Extension

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How Hide Price Works

Magento 2 Hide price extension is fully loaded with add-on functionalities like "Call for price", "Hide add to cart button" or show "Enquiry form" to manage products in faster, reliable manner. Hide price extension allows store owners to define custom messages, forms and buttons to personalize the shopping flow. The extension smartly replaces "Add to cart" and price with "Call for Price" button.It empowers store owners to flexibly define their pricing policies. Store administrators can quickly enable logged-in customers to see the product prices and disable prices for non-logged-in visitors. Magento Call for Price extension is a perfect extension to engage your customers for product inquiries. Switching to "Hide Price" will conceal the prices of specified products enforcing customers to get in touch for further negotiations.

Feature Highlights

Check out selected features below or view documentation for a full feature list

  Instantly enable "Call for Price", "Request for Quote", "Contact for Price" functionality   Choose from a set of actions i.e. Enquiry form, Magento disable ordering, Magento 2 remove prices, Magento 2 cart hide price
  Customize as per your needs to have no price on product page.   Define rules for enabling on one or all pages
  Hide prices, disable Add to cart buttons for an individual product or an entire category, sub-category.   Drive engaged users to register to discover product prices that lead to conversion.
  Sends out the confirmation email to customer after enquiry form submission.   Hide product prices from visitors (non-registered users), yet configurable to display prices for logged in customers.
  Customers can call on defined store's phone number or request for callback to know the product prices.   Add rules for displaying product prices, but hide add to cart button. Let customers fill an enquiry form to know more about the ordering process.
  Native Magento Captcha to avoid spam emails.   Quickly configure and enable "Call For Price" on all products still disabling it for few selected products.

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